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As a company, Kensington Hospitality Services Ltd. holds true to its values of consistency, quality, service, and reliability.Keeping quality high is our top priority, that's why our clients continue to recommend us and come back to us.Our service focus goes beyond just providing the right solution for the client's site; we focus on giving decent opportunities to employees who are knowledgeable and driven to succeed with a mindset centered around integrity.

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Everything you need for great Hospitality!

KHSL Group offers a full range of building and construction services, along with the management of properties. Also, we do supplies for hotels and packaging materials for restaurants. Moreover, we offer restaurant consulting and management services that provide solutions to your restaurant’s operational needs. We work with establishments of all types and sizes with restaurants ranging from fast food to fine dining. In addition, we provide bus and van rentals for tours and school events.

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Our commitment to ensuring a flawless experience is how we show you we are grateful for your business. Now is the time to choose us!


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Vaibhav Khandge